Entry method 2020

Entry method

We are looking for works to participate in “GUGEN2020”, one of Japan’s largest original hardware contests. You can participate in the contest by preparing a work and an introduction photo, video, etc. of the work and submitting it from the application form. Also, the submitted work data will be archived on the GUGEN site.

*On GUGEN2020, we place more importance on online examination than usual.
We recommend that you prepare a demo video that shows the details of the work.
If it is not possible to judge the quality of the work based on the information provided in the entry form, the GUGEN Executive Committee may contact you.

Examination guidelines

  • Problem solving

    Are you taking an approach to solve the problems that exist in the world?

  • Possibility

    Is it something that can be realized as a product?

  • Innovation

    Are there any differences from the existing products, such as prices and materials?

  • Design

    Is the design considering operability and ease of use?

  • Originality

    Is it a unique piece with originality?

* In GUGEN2020, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used as one of the criteria for assessing problem-solvability.

GUGEN2020 Examination flow

※GUGEN2020 will hold the award ceremony online. Click here for details.


Grand prize Equivalent to 1000,000 yen.
Excellence prize Equivalent to 500,000 yen.
Good Idea prize Equivalent to 100,000 yen. and more…

Application period

From July 29 to November 4 (JST).

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