Antimicrobial Detector

In this era, there is no innovation such as tools, programs, other technologies in medical devices that can detect or observe directly of bacterial presence around us without using a microscope because bacteria is a micro-sized organism. In the world, bacterial is going to be the number one case rising up and revealing many harmful conditions for health. This innovation is a patch-decoration on its surface using Sambiloto extract as antibiofilm (bacterial accumulation) and adding luorescence material as detectors on patch surface. This patch possessed nanoparticle Propolis as an active ingredient for medicating and preventing systemic infection diseases. Patch is one of medical devices are usually associated with a risk of both local and patch related skin infection leading to the bloodstream where the current clinical approach resulting discomfort and increase cost.

Smart Portable Screening

Sporobeto in the form of smart screening tools that are integrated in mobile applications to get faster and more accurate screening results so as to prevent the occurrence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and reduce the number of amputations, mortality and morbidity due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This tool will automatically detect the temperature, sensation, and motor muscles of the leg, then the screening results will be inputted on the mobile application automatically and will interpret the data obtained.

SI-TEPAT (Watering Punctually)

SI-TEPAT is a series of automation watering using Digital Timer Water combined with a drip irrigation system through small pipes in the process of distributing water to plants. Digital Water Timer is a digital water valve that can open and close automatically. In addition to Digital Timer Water, SI-TEPAT is also equipped with a moisture sensor the field scout digital moisture sensor in an effort to prevent excess water consumption. The moisture sensor will immediately stop the Digital Timer Water while closing the water valve again when watering is in accordance with the required soil moisture level.

Earthquake Detection Alarm

Earthquake earth detection alarm is made with programming microcontroller with the arduino ide application constructed with lcd, sensor, motor, led indicator and alarm. How it works vibration sensor and will send vibration data to microcontroller and microcontroller processing vibration to richter scale

Smart Barge Salt Production

In Karawang, The Salt Farmer Filtering And Set Up Sea Water Until 25 Brine Degrees Before Pump It To Crystalizing Table. This Way Helps Farmer To Harvest Faster And Get The Better Quality Salt, But The System Make 65% Land For Purvey Sea Water To Old Brine And 35% Land To Crystalizing Table. This Metode Can Produce 1 Ton Of Salt By 12x6m Land In Or 35 Usd In 15 Days. With Smart Barge, Land Could Be 100% To Prepare The Brine And Multiple Smart Barge Barge Will Be An Additional Room To Inscrease Amount Of Harvest, And Mechatronics System Helps To Fasten It Process Less Than 15 Days.

ORGANISSK (Organic Facemask)

ORGANISSK is an organic facial mask that is made from guava leaves and potatoes. Guava leaves (Psidium guajava) have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial activities. Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) contain catecholase, an enzyme useful to remove hyperpigmentation on the face. They are also rich in vitamin C and A, so if used topically, they can help treating acne.

MRSA Skin Infection

Our product name is ALARM, a natural medicine for a skin infection by MRSA bacteria. The main component of our medicine is Allicin which we get from the peel of garlic. We extract Allicin from the peel with IoT sensors which detect the most suitable part to be used for medicine, in which we found that the best combination to fight The growth of MRSA bacteria is by combining Allicin and Silver Nano Particle. Our product has surpassed the first stage metabolism so it is safe for human to use it and it won’t have any affect if it get swallowed.


The era of globalization requires industries in the field of health technology to continue innovating and develop appropriate technology without ignoring its quality standards. Local products are less comfortable to use, inflexible, nonergonomic and have a short lifespan. we design a study on ASTAKARA, a bionic hand for amputation of the lower arm. ASTAKARA has a modular system with several modular features that can be add or replace with material and production cost is below $50. Modular technologies that can be applied to ASTAKARA are arduino nano, servo motor, force sensing resistor (FSR) and lipo battery integrated with solar cell. The bionic hand can also used as an emergency powersource to charge a gadget. The results obtained are in the form of percentage 4 of the 5 Nielsen Model criteria and recapitulation of the USE Questionnaire. This research can be an innovation in developing bionic hand in the future.