Antimicrobial Detector

In this era, there is no innovation such as tools, programs, other technologies in medical devices that can detect or observe directly of bacterial presence around us without using a microscope because bacteria is a micro-sized organism. In the world, bacterial is going to be the number one case rising up and revealing many harmful conditions for health. This innovation is a patch-decoration on its surface using Sambiloto extract as antibiofilm (bacterial accumulation) and adding luorescence material as detectors on patch surface. This patch possessed nanoparticle Propolis as an active ingredient for medicating and preventing systemic infection diseases. Patch is one of medical devices are usually associated with a risk of both local and patch related skin infection leading to the bloodstream where the current clinical approach resulting discomfort and increase cost.

UNING Application As A Media

UNING application is an application that contains information about the services of Balinese artists in presenting traditional arts. In addition, this application also includes a service to see Balinese art references, conduct service rental transactions and discuss between artists and consumers in determining the use of service agreements. Based on the results of research conducted, it can be concluded that from 100 respondents responded that Bali Lestari application really help them to explore the existing Balinese arts.

Smart Portable Screening

Sporobeto in the form of smart screening tools that are integrated in mobile applications to get faster and more accurate screening results so as to prevent the occurrence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and reduce the number of amputations, mortality and morbidity due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This tool will automatically detect the temperature, sensation, and motor muscles of the leg, then the screening results will be inputted on the mobile application automatically and will interpret the data obtained.

MEDISIGN-Basic Medical Sign

This product is an android-based application created as a solution to make a good communication between deaf patients and doctors. This application will connect 2 smartphones by using the local network. This application contains some pictures of complaints or illnesses. if the deaf patients send them to doctor, there will be a text description about the patient’s complaints and illnesses in doctor’s smartphone or another way around.

Tuna Voice

Tuna voice work by reading sign language through the movement of a person who will be captured by the camera. The only accepted object is the object of the human hand (finger), as a sign language signaling in the form of alphabet (a-z). Tuna Voice can be combined with gloves using flexors so that it can read the movement pattern.

Smart Automated Traffic System

The Smart Automated Traffic Intervention System, in summary, is a coupled system of scanners and tags in which tags are embedded to license plates, and a scanner under the road reads the license plate. This system would be placed on intersections and possibly on the sides of the roads with the RFID scanner under the road. SATIS uses the RFID RC-522 module and an Arduino board in which every part functions in perfect unison to create a working system of scanner and reader. The way it works is when the traffic light is red, the system activates and scans any car that passes through. It can also stop illegal parking by comparing a timestamp value. This device can also be used as a means of tracking a certain vehicle by tracing the location of the scanned license plates.